Industrial Park


Ventural B.V. was created in 2013 by a group of international private investors with the purpose of developing large plots of land into industrial parks for different manufacturing industries.

The experience of the shareholders, cumulated over several years in leading management positions in the industry, will be leveraged to build and run complex industrial sites in the most efficient way and with the guarantee of a perfect service at an adequate cost.

The first major project was developed in the Moscow region over 250.000 m2 of land, and is currently being actively marketed to local and international manufacturing groups. New developments are under investigation in Slovenia, Poland and other European countries.

Ventural B.V. is the partner of choice if you need solutions to complicated industrial projects, covering the planning, construction and administration of manufacturing sites in practically any country in Europe. Its capacity to provide financing at very convenient conditions puts Ventural B.V. in a unique position in comparison to other developers.


Stupino is local government is very investor friendly and sympathetic to the specific needs of foreign companies.

14 international companies have already built new production facilities in Stupino: USA: Kimberly Clark, Mars, Silgan Metal Packaging, Mars Petfood, Germany: Knauf, Caparol Holland: Campina, Italy: MAtlas Concorde Group, Marazzi, Mapei, Zambaiti, La Fortezza, France: FM Logistic, Poland: Plast Proekt.

Stupino is located 80 km South of Moscow on M4 highway which provide a fast travel to the capital. Stupino is also 45 minutes driving from Domodedovo International Airport. Stupino has its own custom terminal for imports & exports operations.

Stupino has a main train station on the national Russian railway network, both for passengers and cargo. Stupino with its prooven industrial history offers skilled work force at competitive prices.


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Industrial Park Stupino
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